If you want to try masterpieces by local chefs instead of home-made food, it takes only a few minutes by foot and you will be on a beautiful cafe terrace enjoying delicious food.

There is a splendid beach of gentle white sand with many roads leading to it, we’ll tell you of a secret one going right through the pine forest.

Cycling is one of the best choices for those who want an active stay or for those who wish to see the most interesting and picturesque spots of the Spit. The bicycle path is 52km long, which means that it connects all the settlements on the Curonian Spit. You’ll find bicycle hire stations in every settlement.

This place is a fishermen’s paradise, for centuries the residents of the Curonian Spit depended on fishing for their survival.

Juodkrantė is one of the most invigorating spots for surfing in Lithuania. Kitesurfing and surfing take place on both sides of the spit, next to the small lifeguard station. By the way, all wind directions are suitable.

You can go on a motorboat tour and even visit settlements on the other side of the lagoon.

Birdwatchers won’t find the Curonian Spit boring either; more than 262 species of birds call the area home and one may observe the daily lives of grey herons and cormorant colonies up close.

After taking the ferry from Klaipėda to Smiltynė or on you way back to Klaipėda you may visit the impressive Lithuanian sea museum.

Those who enjoy a forest walk at the right time of year may even stumble upon mushrooms.If you’re up for something a little more active, you will find orienteering parks worth trying.

The Hill of Witches is a fun place for hiking and to check folk artists’ wooden sculptures; you will even find a throne where you can pose for a picture.